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The Quality of Life Dashboard is designed to help assess the health of neighborhoods in Greenville. There's help if you need it.

Total Neighborhood Profile Area (NPA) population.

Why is this important?

Total population is a baseline measure that indicates the number of people living in an NPA. It is used to calculate density, and other per capita data.Trends in population show where the community is growing and where it is decreasing, which can help the City, County and Towns as well as other services providers know where infrastructure and other services may be needed.The 2010 Census reported 308.7 million people in the United States, a 9.7 percent increase from the Census 2000 population of 281.4 million.

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About the Data

Provides the population based on the 2010 Census for each NPA using Block Group geography. Census block groups are the second smallest unit of measure used in the decennial Census. Only the census block is smaller. A block group is a cluster of census blocks within the same census tract. The average block group contains 39 blocks comprising between 600 and 3,000 people, with an optimum size of 1,500 people.

U.S. Census, 2010